Because we have the enduro feeling in the blood and the desire to share our passion with anyone who would like to leave the paved road for the narrow paths in the mountains, we decided to start offRoadventure.

On this website we want to show what offRoadventure can offer you at the moment and what it wants to achieve in the nearby future.
We are in the middle of the realization of our project and we are not yet able to offer you the full package.
Currently, we can offer you a camping place with possibility of a breakfast, good sanitary facility and of course, where it is actually all about, beautiful routes and tracks to let you enjoy the Romanian countryside as you wish.
Thank you for your interest in offRoadventure and hope to see you soon in Borșa, Maramureș.
Mario, Bouke, Mino & Nicoleta

The Details
The Endorsement


Steep slopes in the mountains, narrow paths through the woods, mud in the fields, water while driving through the rivers, all options are there to ensure a great and continuous offroad adventure on your motorbike.


Beautiful tracks with fantastic views of all difficulty levels as you can find almost nowhere else,
hours of riding without encountering civilisation, except maybe for a lonely shepherd or lumberjack.


Conquering the top of the mountain and there are so many...
Or walking the loggers paths through the forests and the alpine meadows for days,
feeling wonderful, just you and unspoiled nature.


Driving through the country on loggers trails, crossing rivers to find a place to put up your tent for the night in the middle of nowhere.


Not yet available but foreseen are snow scooter riding and horse sledding as well as skying and snowboarding.